Oilfield Services Company Stocks





Oilfield Services Company Stocks



Oilfield Services Company Stocks probably offer some of the best stock investments in the "oil industry" sector.  Oilfield Services Companies will be needed as long as the energy needs exist.   . Oilfield service stocks are a little less volatile than other oil sector stocks because many oilfield service companies, e.g., Halliburton,  are   solid, thriving businesses whose business futures are predictable.




For convenience, oil tanker stocks and oil refinery stocks are included in the oilfield services category. 






Oilfield Services Company Stocks

Oilfield Services Company Stocks





Halliburton (HAL) - The world's second largest Oilfield Services Company with approximately 100,000 employees.  In addition to providing oil field services, Halliburton also provides engineering and construction services.  They do business in over 100 countries.. 



Halliburton's market cap is $48.6 billion, revenues are about $15.9 billion per year, much smaller than oil/gas producing companies with a similar number of employees reflecting the labor intensive nature of Halliburton's services work.  Last year, the company operated at a loss of about $5.8 billion. 

Halliburton stock was up about 85% over the past year.

Halliburton is headquartered in Houston but with an additional headquarters in Dubai.









Schlumberger LTD (SLB) -  The largest global oil field services company.  The company is headquartered in Houston. The company has two major operational segments: Oilfield Services (the largest segment) which handles exploration and production services, and WesternGeco, which handles reservoir imaging services and seismic data processing. Schlumberger recently made a major acquisition when it acquired Smith International for $11 billion. Smith is an expert in drilling technology, particularly in completion fluids.

Schlumberger has a market cap of $115.8 billion, revenues of $27.8 billion and net loss of $1.7 billion. 



Stock analysts and financial advisors are high on the future of Schlumberger.  The company has paid dividends, without interruption, for 50 years.  Quite a record!







Baker Hughes Incorporated (BHI).  A leading-edge, very professional company in the oil field services area.  Headquartered in Houston as are most oil field services companies.  Baker Hughes is well-positioned to service the booming oil & gas industry.  The company provides diversified services and products to the industry.

Market cap of Baker Hughes is $28.5 billion, revenues are about $9.8 billion per year and net loss was $ 2.7 billion.   The Baker Hughes stock was up about 20% during the past year.





Transocean Ltd (RIG) -   Provides offshore drilling services for oil and gas wells throughout the world. RIGs drilling activity is focused on deep-water oil and gas.  This is a hot area right now and likely to remain so over the next few years at least.

Transocean has a market cap of $25.2 billion,  $10 billion revenue per year and $2.5 billion income.  The stock price was virtually unchanged during the year.

Transocean Inc is growing rapidly.  This drilling firm is frequently recommended by the investment sector and its stock price reflects the attention it gets.   A great company for the energy crisis.

The P/E of RIG is 10.0  This company is on virtually everyone's favorite list so it appears almost certain the company stock will continue to prosper in the long run.



Furmanite (FRM)) - This is a worldwide technical service company and is heavy into plant and pipeline repairs.  That business model looks good for the future in the oil industry.

The market cap is $259 million, revenue is $283 million, and profit is $1.6 million.  The FRM stock value doubled during the past year.

The company name was originally Kaneb then Xanser and presently Furmanite  But, whatever the name, this is an impressive small stock! 





Oil Tanker Stocks



Frontline LTD (FRO).  A large shipping company, primarily engaged in the operation of oil tankers of two sizes, very large crude carriers (200,000 to 320,000 dead-weight tons) and Suezmaxes (120,000 to 170,000 dead-weight tons).  The company works largely through subsidiaries.  The company has been very profitable in the past few years and has  distributed very large quarterly cash dividends in the recent past. 

Market cap is $2.1 billion, revenues are $1.2 billion, and income is $177 million.  The stock price was down about 20% over the past year. 

Here again, do your own due diligence.  The oil shipping companies are a peculiar group where PE's drop as low as 3 when conditions are right.  I want to grab anything that looks that cheap but, the old saying is that if something is too good to be true, probably it is not true.  The presence of world crises and the effect of the crises on shipping rates and insurance rates greatly affect these stocks.

The tanker stocks may be good stocks for the market trader to play with (if he has a good feel for world economic and political conditions, and if he has nerves of steel.)


Pipeline And Steel Pipe/Tubing Company Stocks



Tenaris S.A. (TS)  This fine company is headquartered in tiny Luxembourg. It manufactures high-strength steel tubing (top producer of seamless tubing) used largely in the Oil & Gas Industry.  As the price of oil and gas increase, and as the need for drilling  to greater depths  is a necessity, the demand grows for Tenaris high-strength tubing products.  The company also made some impressive acquisitions in the past 2 years when they acquired the operations of Hydril Corporation and Maverick Tube, two very highly-recognized oil field services companies.

The stock is listed in some places as a subsidiary of San Faustin N.V.  Please use due diligence in this area.

The market cap of Tenaris is $27 billion, revenue is $7.5 billion, and net income = $1.0 billion. 

The stock price was virtually unchanged over the past year.

Tenaris is an impressive company which is in the right business at the right time. 


Oil Refineries Stocks





Valero Energy Corp.  (VLO).  If you want to invest in a company specializing in refining, this may be the oil field services company for you.  The company operates 15 refineries in the US, Canada and the Caribbean. 

Valero's market cap is $14 billion & revenue  is $82 billion and net incme is $540 million. 

Valero's stock price is up about 30% over the past year.  The company stock has been a real barn burner over the past 5 years or so. 








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Conclusions for Oilfield Services Company Stocks 

 The Oilfield services stocks such as the drilling stocks,  tanker stocks & oil refinery stocks may provide some of the best stock values among the oil industry stock groups.






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