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EOG Resources - Independent Oil Company


EOG Resources, Inc. has shown amazing versatility since emerging from the disgraced Enron and has distinguished itself both as an oil company and in corporation citizenship. Now, many oil company experts consider EOG one of the best-managed, independent oil companies.






EOG Resources - Independent Oil and Gas Company 



Frum the day EOG split from Enron, EOG has shown an uncanny ability of knowing when to jump into new opportunities. 


EOG has rapidly moved from the Texas Barnett Shale (mainly natural gas) to the Bakken Shale (mainly oil) to the Haynesville Shale (dry natural gas) to the Eagle Ford (oil, wet gas) and presently to the Permian Basin (oil, wet gas). In each oil/gas field, EOG has distinguished itself. Indeed, in most of these oil/gas fields, EOG has often been considered the "leader" in the field. For example, they are now the top oil producer in the Eagle Ford Field. They were also the leader in developing the Bakken Shale Formation.




   Being the "leader" in developing these oil/gas strikes has not prevented EOG from also being the leader in moving on when conditions turn down!



EOG Resources, Inc - Key Statistics



  EOG Resources has a market cap of $32 billion. The annual revenue is $11 billion and net income is $1.2 billion. EOG's stock rose about 20% in the last year.


There is no doubt that EOG is a well-managed, oil company. However, the potential investor should note that, despite EOG's obvious success in deemphasizing natural gas, about one-half of their assets is still in natural gas. If the price of natural gas should again collapse, EOG's stock could be detrimentally affected (of course, if gas prices rise, the company would benefit.


 A potential EOG investor should also note that EOG's PE ratio is 26 which ia little high for oil companies of EOG's size. The reason for this, of course, is that EOG is a popular company with investors.




EOG - Good Oil Company Citizen


  EOG'S parent company, Enron, had one of the most reviled names in corporate history but it is a pleasure to point out that EOG did not follow in Enron's footsteps Instead the company is a perfect model of good citizenship. During its decade of independent existence, EOG has won many awards as a "one of best companies to work for"


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Summary of EOG Resources - Independent Oil Company



  EOG Resources, spin-off of defunct Enron, is one of the best-managed independent oil companies. EOG is known as a first-in oil company in new oil and gas opportunities. Note: it should be pointed out that when the opportunities began to turn down, EOG is also the first out!






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