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Famous People in Politics:  President Obama, Nate Silver,   Mitt  Romney,    Sarah Palin,  Hillary Clinton, Joe Scarborough, Chris Matthews, Newt Gindrich, Rush Limbaugh



Celebrities are involved in politics, and are involved in the battle between the Democrats (liberals)and the Republicans(conservatives).  To some of the famous people, politics is just an ego trip.  But to many of the celebrities, there is a sincere desire to help their fellow citizens. 








 Famous People in Politics

During the 2010 midterm election and the 2012 Presidential Election, voters were bombarded by American  celebrities and famous people - seeking support for themselves or their political favorites.  Now that the elections of 2012, is over, the battle between Democrats and Republicans continues.  Below. I have compiled a list of some of these famous people in politics.  Most of the celebrities are so well-known, they need little or no introduction, however,  I have added a few notes when appropriate.






 Famous Republican & Tea Party Politicians and Celebrities:


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.    Ran hard for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008 and ran again and won in 2012.  Romney took a severe beating in 2012 and is probably finished as a serious politician.





Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin was Republican Romney's Vice-Presidential candidate in 2012. Ryan is very conservative and favors making cuts in social security and medicare.




Sarah Palin, Former Governor of Alaska.   The Tea Party Queen! John McCain chose Governor Palin for his Vice-Presidential candidate and she has stirred quite a bit of excitement in the Tea Party and Republican Party ranks and among the American people.  She was not quite ready for prime time in 2008.  However, she is colorful and makes a lot of noise for the Republicans.


Koch Brothers - David Koch & Charles Koch who control Koch Brothers, the second largest U.S. private corporation. The corporation has a value of about $100 billion so the Koch Brothers have lots of money to play politics with.


The Koch Brothers are heavily engaged in extreme right-wing, conservative politics and heavily supported Republican Romney's candidacy with millions of dollars of contributions.


The Koch Bros. have a "long view" on politics and obviously plan to stay involved in extreme conservative politics. They want to set things straight. Look out Democrats!!



Former President George W. Bush  -  Bush won reelection relatively easily in the election of 2004 but had become very unpopular  by the presidential election of 2008.


President Bush was repudiated in the presidential election of 2008 as Democrats took over the presidency and both the House of Representatives and the Senate. He has now pretty much taken a back seat in public affairs



Sheldon Adelson Casino Mogul worth about $20 billion. Made very substantial contributions to several Republican presidential candidates including Romney. Plans to continue his contributions to Republican candidates in the future. Adelson is also a supporter of Jewish causes and contibutes to those also.



Three Republican Clowns. Three former high-ranking Republicans - Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, and Dick Morris - essentally made clowns of themselves during the 2012 election campaign by making outrageous statements about President Obama and even more outrageous predictions on the election outcome.









 Famous Democratic Politicians and Celebrities:

President Barrack ObamaIllinois - An instant political celebrity!  A rock star!  The Democrat fought hard and got lots of good press.   Was key-note speaker at Democratic Convention in 2004 and has showed himself to be an excellent organizer.  Obama  won the Democratic nomination and the presidency.  Obama showed that the country was ready for a black president.




Secretary of State (and former Senator Hillary Clinton) -  Years ago, she exposed the "vast right wing conspiracy!" while we all laughed at her.  We're not laughing any more!  


Clinton was President Obama's choice for Secretary of State.  She is doing  an excellent job and is the early favorite for the Democratic Party nomination in 2016.





 Former President Bill Clinton -  He is rapidly becoming wealthy with book, speeches, etc.  It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.  Campaigned for President Obama in 2012.


Minority Leader of the House  Nancy Pelosi -  She has more enemies than any Democrat except maybe President Obama  but she serves as a lightning rod to keep some of the Republican attacks away from President Obama. Unfortunately, she lost her speaker's job as a result of the 2010 congressional election?


Chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke.   Desperately trying to inflate the economy?





Nate Silver - Political Statistician   -  Nate became probably the most famous statistician in history when he analyzed the polls before the 2008 and 2012 Senate and Presidential elections and predicted the election results almust perfectly. His work is published in the New York Times. Nate Silver leans slightly to the Liberal side of politics.




 Famous Media People Who Report on Politics:


 Rupert MurdockMedia Mogul in Australia, Great Britain, U.S., etc. He and his News Corporation own a number of financial magazines (including the Wall Street Journal,) movie studios, newspapers, TV networks including the FOX Broadcasting Company.

Murdock supported Romney in the 2012 election but was not fanatical. He tends to be conservative in politics but not always.


Rush Limbaugh  - King of conservative talk radio!   His talk show is carried on many radio stations.  Limbaugh is the heart and soul of the conservative movement and of the Republican Party.   The Democrats, in the past,,  made a fatal mistake underestimating the influence of Limbaugh.  There are millions of ditto-heads around the country who listen to his every word. 




Joe Scarborough - Host of very popular TV early morning news show - Morning Joe - on MSNBC. Scarborough is a former Republican US Representative from Florida. He is a conservative Republican compared to most MSNBC hosts who lean to the liberal side. Scarborough once voted for the withdrawal of the US from the UN.



Bill O'Reilly  -   Former FOX TV News Announcer.  TV's 'Rush  Limbaugh'.   



Chris Matthews  - TV commentator - MSNBC.  Liberal in politics.







 Famous Hollywood and TV Celebrities in Politics:

Oprah Winfrey - Great celebrity interviewer!  Always involved in the political or social scene.  Helped elect Obama!

Bruce Springteen  -  singer.  Strong left-leaning activist.  Springsteen is the ultimate protest singer representing the working man and he is proud of his work.







 Famous People in Politics:



President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  President of Iran is stirring things up by supporting nuclear energy projects for Iran and for stating that Israel should be destroyed.  Keeps thumbing his nose at the U.S!  Are Ahmadinejad and  Iran  on a collision course with the United States? 



Hugo Chavez.   Left-leaning Venezuelan President who Pat Robertson recommended be assassinated.   


Chavez is funny and a more than a little screwy.  He reminds me of the dictator in the Woody Allen movie who mandated that his citizens wear their underwear on the outside for easy inspection.

Note: Perez recently died from cancer.




Vladimir Putin - The Soviet boss keeps acting independent, not at all like an American stooge should.  Is he trying to resurrect the "evil empire"?





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1.  President Roosevelt.  One of the most famous U.S. politicians of all time.  Roosevelt led us through the Great Depression and World War



  2.Bakken Oil Companies.  The shale formation oil discovery is the largest U.S. oil discoveries in years.


Famous People & Celebrities in Politics Conclusions. 


The election and campaign and politics of 2012 featured famous people from various fields - government, business, media, Hollywood, etc, - campaigning for Republican and Democratic candidates.   These celebrities and famous people will be involved in the the election of 2012.






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